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Blue OG - 5 feminised seeds

Blue OG - 5 feminised seeds

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G13 Labs Blue OG variety is a cross between a Blueberry F3, Blue Moonshine, and a true legend in the USA. This Indica-dominant hybrid has won awards and gained recognition on numerous occasions in both the USA and a large part of Europe. When talking about this exquisite blend of tastes and aromas from the best genetics, we must make mention of its low height that allows the plant to be grown in any location. In addition, its yield is among the highest to be found anywhere. Its fl ower heads are covered in large quantities of resin, and this makes it one of the best varieties we have for producing hash and extracts as the amount obtained is plentiful, and the aroma and taste are sublime. The smell it gives off after fl owering is of fruits of the forest and blueberry, with a delicate hint of lime. Blue OG is a perfect blend of hashish and oily extract. It produces a high yield and a very subtle smell. It has a short fl owering period of 8 weeks, which makes it ideal for growing in more challenging climates.


Attitude Distribution seeds are sold as collectable adult souvenirs and for storage purposes only. Cannabis seeds are illegal in some countries and Attitude Distribution strongly advise you to check with your local regulations before bringing these seeds into any country. Attitude Distribution accepts no responsibility for people who do not comply with local laws, and advise people not to break any laws.

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